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Hey all, it’s been awhile. I hope you’re all through your busy making time of year and are ready to make something for yourself now!

In all honesty, that’s what I’ve been doing over here recently and that’s good news, because I’m getting all kinds of new ideas to play with to make exciting new patterns for you. It’s amazing how often the best ideas come when you Arne tryin g to come up with the best ideas.

Staying warm is always on my list of best ideas however and let me tell you it is getting COLD over here. Maybe not as cold as a typical winter, but this is about the time of year we get a colder-than-the-rest-of-winter-you-already-thought-you-were-tired-of snap.

So this makes it the perfect time to make yourself (or someone else, I won’t judge you for being a giving person!) a cozy hat and mitts set.

You probably saw this part coming…. I’ve got the perfect set for you!

Photo by Meggie Oxley

Meet the Sparks Fly hat and mitts set. Full of chunky goodness, it takes cabling technique and twists it (or rather takes the twist out of it) into a modern textures zig zag.

I find it a gender neutral style. It would be quite striking in a deeper heathered tone. Or, for those with tastes more like mine, a softer flecked tone (with pink of course!) and a large pom-pom (have I told you I like pink?) looks great too!

Photo by Meggie Oxley

I’m going to keep this post pretty short because here’s the super exciting part (as if you weren’t excited already…), I’ve written all about this pattern as a guest post for Desamour Designs blog and the entire pattern is posted for FREE at the end of the post (please do read your way to down to it, there lots of good info and pretty pictures to make it worth your while)!

That’s right. Free. I still have a paid PDF version available that is easy to print and as always, contains links to my video stitch tutorials. It’s also left-handed crocheter friendly with extra tips for success.

As always, you can find the downloadable version on my LoveCrafts and Etsy shops.

Even if you’re buying a your copy (thank you!), I recommending heading on over to post on Desamour Designs for the read!

Happy crocheting, and stay warm!

Photo by Meggie Oxley


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