The cherry on top

Have you joined the faux-fur pom-pom team? I’ll admit I love them. They’re fun, a little luxurious, and there’s a colour to match any hat or toque. It was probably inevitable I’d eventually crochet my own. Here’s the Go Faux It pom-pom. Keep reading for more on one of my new favourite things, or headContinue reading “The cherry on top”

Blow me away…

Autumn here is windy. First windy, then windy with beautifully coloured swirling leaves, then just grey, dirty and windy. What’s a girl to do? Well this one embraces those fall layers (pumpkin spice helps too. Chai anyone?) and that includes my neck! Whether you’re a scarf, infinity scarf (with or without the twist!), or aContinue reading “Blow me away…”