Meggie on new yarn day

I’m Meggie Oxley. Wife, mother, musician, musical theatre nerd, baking enthusiast and die-hard craft addict. Especially crochet, which is why we’re here. My first (completed and successful) crochet project was a stroller blanket while my husband and I were expecting our first child. I picked up a hook again two years later and haven’t looked back. With a very DIY household including a husband, two children and dog, I love creating for the family and the home. I crochet like we DIY here. It’s a lifestyle. I make for all areas of the home, and everyone in it and cherished by those in it. Ok, maybe I’ve left out the dog. But that can change. Creating, especially creating together is very fulfilling and I feel it should have a place in everyone’s life, so welcome. Make with me!

In crafting there are no mistakes, just unique creations.


Let me update you on everything!

almost… almost…
Success! Congrats, you're in the know!

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