It’s Blog Hop Time!!

Updated Sept 12, 2022:

Discount code has expired, and the pattern is no longer free. It is available to purchase for regular price of $CAD 2.50 (you can still use the links to my Payhip and other stores here), and also part of the ebook mentioned below at the same great deal it was yesterday. Thanks to everyone who downloaded the pattern, I hope you enjoy it! See you again on my next feature day with another pattern.

Today’s the day folks! Keep reading and scrolling for the special code because the Foothills Hat, the first of my two patterns featured in the Relax and Hook blog hop hosted by Deanne of Small But Kinda Mighty, is FREE, that’s right, FREE all day. (Reminder: expired code) The full ad-free, printer friendly PDF downloadable version. And don’t forget you can get the entire e-book containing not only all the patterns being featured this September, but 40 mindful crochet patterns and some bonus material. Nearly $CAD 220 of patterns for $CAD 24.99 is an amazing deal! If you use one of the links (I’ve given you one above already, and another at the end!) on this page, I’ll even get a commission at no extra cost to you whatsoever! So thanks!

Two of the Foothills Hat, one in pink with a folded brim and taupe faux fur pom-pom and one in navy blue rest together on a white faux fur background. the picture is on background of taupe with exposed an exposed edge of each cardboard and white paper visible at a small angle across the middle. Near the bottom black text reads foothills hat by make with meggie.

I hope you’ve been having a great time hopping around getting all the fantastic patterns featured so far. I’m so excited you’ll be adding this one to your collection. It’s been one of my customer favourites and is just in time for the cold season (unless you’re joining us from the Southern hemisphere. Sorry, it’s winter prep mode here!).

This is one I’ve made sooooooo many times myself as it truly makes a great gift. It can be made to suit anybody’s taste. Fold up the brim a lot, or a little, or not at all. Wear it close like a beanie, or slouchy and relaxed. One solid colour, color block (in the one below, I changed colours in the same place in the middle of every row), or variegated. Faux fur pom-pom, classic pom-pom, or no pom-pom. It’s completely unisex and customizable!

A two toned version of the foothills hat with a folded brim. The top of the hat is a mushroomy beige and the bottom is burgundy.

The button below will take you straight to the listing in my Payhip store where you can use to download your copy. As always, I’d love to see your projects, so tag me @makewithmeggie in any posts. You can add @foothillshat as well.

Paid Foothills Hat pattern available in my Payhip, LoveCrafts and Etsy shops.

Friendly reminder that I see a portion of the proceeds for all e-book purchases made from one of my provided links. So if you decide at a later date to purchase this amazing deal, please consider using one of the links here.


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9 thoughts on “It’s Blog Hop Time!!

    1. The pattern is indeed free September 11. The discount code is in the blog post and clicking the pink button saying “click here to download you free pattern” will take you to the listing in my Payhip store where you can enter the code at checkout to get the pattern for free.

    1. I see you’ve got it now! The spot to click to add the code is blue and hangs out above the PayPal button. Just in case this info can help someone else. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks for asking Kelly! If you click on the pink circle at the bottom of the post that says “download your free pattern” it will take you straight to the listing in my Payhip store. If you prefer, you can find the Foothills Hat listing in my payhip store

      Enter the code on checkout and it will discount it 100%. Just remember the code will expire after today. Enjoy your pattern!

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