The cherry on top

Have you joined the faux-fur pom-pom team? I’ll admit I love them. They’re fun, a little luxurious, and there’s a colour to match any hat or toque. It was probably inevitable I’d eventually crochet my own. Here’s the Go Faux It pom-pom. Keep reading for more on one of my new favourite things, or head straight to LoveCrafts or Etsy to snag the pattern.

Photo by Meggie Oxley

Have you made your own or do you buy them?

There’s nothing wrong with buying them, and a lot of makers sell them and it’s great to support local makers. But I also can’t resist a DIY idea, especially if it brings the cost of my making down.

My husband (big A) and I made some a couple years ago from some faux-fur fabric we bought. They weren’t difficult, just a bit messy (have you tried cutting faux-fur?) and I have a good sized piece of that faux-fur still sotting around time prove I have hard time getting inspired to make them.

When I first started seeing the faux-fur yarn in stores, I’ll admit I thought it was strange and had no idea what anyone would want to do with it (spoiler alert: I kind of love it now. Expect more with it!). Even if that’s still what you think, I’ve got a winner of a use for it for you.

Crochet your own faux-fur pom-poms! It’s simple and quick. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier! They may not be exactly like some of those super luxe ones we’ve seen with the long long fur, but they still look great!

So go grab your favorite colour of faux-fur yarn, whether it’s bright or nuetral, grab the pattern and your 10 mm hook and you can keep making them for yourself on demand all winter. Or go pom-pom crazy use the whole skein in one night. You’ll want to.

I used Loops and Threads Yarn Fur because that’s what my local Micheal’s had. Lion Brand Yarn has one called Go For Faux I’ve heard great things about too. They are both 6 weight yarns, so you could even change it up and just use a 6 weight yarn for a puffy ball type hat topper.

As always, I used one of my Clover Anour hooks. I used a 10 mm, and although gauge is not important, if you know you crochet loosely, you may want to use one size smaller so the stuffing doesn’t show.

That’s enough y’all from me since you’re probably just waiting for me to stop so you can get started! Grab the pattern on LoveCrafts or Etsy and get making with me!


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