Just in time for sweater weather…

My second feature day in the Relax and Hook blog hop hosted by Deanne of Small But Kinda Mighty is here (be sure to check back in on her site daily for the next patterns)! I am so excited to share with you another customer favourite pattern, the Breezy Days girls pullover, FREE all dayContinue reading “Just in time for sweater weather…”

It’s Blog Hop Time!!

Updated Sept 12, 2022: Discount code has expired, and the pattern is no longer free. It is available to purchase for regular price of $CAD 2.50 (you can still use the links to my Payhip and other stores here), and also part of the ebook mentioned below at the same great deal it was yesterday.Continue reading “It’s Blog Hop Time!!”

Blow me away…

Autumn here is windy. First windy, then windy with beautifully coloured swirling leaves, then just grey, dirty and windy. What’s a girl to do? Well this one embraces those fall layers (pumpkin spice helps too. Chai anyone?) and that includes my neck! Whether you’re a scarf, infinity scarf (with or without the twist!), or aContinue reading “Blow me away…”

Steal my heart

While talking with a friend who crochets, we decided I should come up with a pattern that we decided she would work up as an experiment. So since she was making it, I let her choose what the finished item would be and the theme of it. I’m not giving out any more than thatContinue reading “Steal my heart”

That lazy hazy feeling

You just can’t beat that laid-back vibe the end of summer has. Embrace it and carry it on into fall with this week’s new pattern, the Breezy Days girls pullover. It’s relaxed and comfy fit is everything that childhood should be. Pair it with cut-off shorts for an easy summer look, or move into fallContinue reading “That lazy hazy feeling”

No tricks here.

So I may have created a new obsession. Time will tell. After last week’s c2c placemat, I had to do another one! And I feel like there’s going to be more… (holiday themes perhaps?) This week it’s the Illusion Placemat, with three interlocking diamonds that remind me of those wood and metal puzzles where youContinue reading “No tricks here.”

Beauty and Bite

Why does food just taste better outside in summer? Maybe it’s because at least here, summer is so fleeting we have to completely absorb every moment. Dining outside just seems to take on a refined vibrancy that is so appealing. It has it’s own aesthetic when compared to dining indoors, it’s everything we want toContinue reading “Beauty and Bite”

Hygge just got cozier

Just after completing my first designs, I was talking about crochet with a friend who mentioned she was looking for a nice tea cozy pattern. I had looked at a lot of tea cozy patterns before and immediately knew why she’d been having trouble finding one she liked. They tend to be, well, dated. SoContinue reading “Hygge just got cozier”

Sparkle and shine

Our dishwasher is broken. Has been for months. It’s fair to say I do a lot of dishes having a family of 4 and I’d like to be able to claim expert status! One obvious thing that makes them harder to do is not having enough dish cloths. I always grab a clean one inContinue reading “Sparkle and shine”