Getting started

So you’ve decided to learn to crochet! Or maybe relearn, or even improve your knowledge, skills or comfort level.

Let’s start with the 5 basic stitches to get you going. Chain (ch), single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc) and slipstitch (slst). You can watch them all below as I get them made, or click here to watch them on my youtube channel. You can go a long way with only these 5 stitches. In fact you’ll be well equipped to take on all but one of the projects in my Get Clean Suite (to do all, take a look at working in front and back loops, in the tips and techniques tutorials when I get it posted).

It’s actually a great pattern set to start with, one only requires you to be able to chain and single crochet. Each project is also small so will not require a great deal of time

For all you lefties that would appreciate a little help specific to left handed crocheters, I have an exciting resource to share with you soon! Keep checking back for more details.

First, how to chain.

Now that you’ve got that, single crochet (sc).

Now half double crochet (hdc). Note the taller, more visible stitch posts and the 3rd loop ( just to the back of your working v’s while your working a row. When you turn your work, its the loops facing below the working v’s).

And double crochet (dc). This stitch has a lot more height and works up quickly.

Triple crochet (trc) is not as common as the others, but a great one to know anyway. It has a lot of height to it, here I show you in comparison to the other stitches you’ve learned so far.

Last but not least (except in height), how to slipstitch.

Of course once you’ve made something, you need to end your work and get rid of that unsightly tail without having your work unravel. We will also take a look at the terms “Finish off” and “Weave in ends”.

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