That lazy hazy feeling

You just can’t beat that laid-back vibe the end of summer has. Embrace it and carry it on into fall with this week’s new pattern, the Breezy Days girls pullover.

Photos by MAK

It’s relaxed and comfy fit is everything that childhood should be. Pair it with cut-off shorts for an easy summer look, or move into fall or even winter and spring with a pair or leggings and keep that “barefoot feeling”.

Keep reading for all the details, or if you can’t wait to get started, get the ad-free, printer friendly pattern with links to tutorials now on Etsy here, or LoveCrafts here.

I originally started this with my (at the time) 16 month old daughter in mind. Then somehow, as happens, I had the bottom of a much too large for her sweater worked up. I used my (very patient with me) almost 5 year old son as a body to fit to instead as I finished and called on a friend for a girl to fit it! Then of course I couldn’t resist the sister element, so I made it again in another size. And I still wanted one for my daughter so I made it again in another size. All this to say I’ve made it three times personally, and am still not bored of it and still love it!

It’s made from the bottom up, starting right from the bottom ribbing which is then slipstitched together before starting on the body. If you follow the pattern in working over all your tails as you go, you should only have 2 ends to weave in at the end. One at each sleeve cuff.

It’s also designed with minimal seaming in mind, with only a short seams at the top of each shoulder. It’s very easy which is perfect for the end of summer heat we’re experiencing here as it won’t sap all your brain power and is still a very enjoyable make.

Photo by Meggie Oxley

I used Loops and Threads Flecks (acrylic and polyester blend, worsted weight) for the first two I made. Totally worth using if you can get your hands on it through Michaels. I wasn’t able to order it online, but I was able to phone into the store and have some put aside so pick up and paying was as quick as possible. I used the colours Seafoam, and Pink Galore, but all the colours available in it are just as ice-creamy dreamy.

Photo by Meggie Oxley

Knowing this yarn might not always be the easiest for everyone to get their hands on (outside North America especially), I also chose a yarn available on LoveCrafts. I thought I’d try it in a natural fibre as well, and I stumbled on Hoooked Eucalyps.

Photo by Meggie Oxley

I am so hooked on this yarn (no pun intended). It’s a beautifully smooth and soft yarn made of Eucalyptus with incredible drape. It has some weight to it, like a cotton does, but the garment itself doesn’t feel heavy. This is the yarn I used in the end for my daughter’s sweater and she loves it. She gets excited every time she sees it and then wants to wear it. It’s actually a DK weight according to LoveCrafts, but I was able to meet gauge with it, so forged ahead and it came out wonderfully.

Any heavier DK to worsted weight yarn that you can meet gauge with should work for this. For best results, choose something that will drape nicely. Another acrylic I imagine would work well would be Caron Simply Soft but I haven’t tried it myself. I also had testers use Women’s Institute Soft & Smooth, and Stallion 8-ply (I can’t speak to the suitability personally as I haven’t seen either yarn myself, but my testers were happy).

Get the ad-free, printer friendly pattern with links to tutorials now on Etsy here, or LoveCrafts here.

Don’t forget to post your finished pieces with #lavenderlemonadeplacemat and #makewithmeggie. Tag me (@makewithmeggie) so I can see them! I may even share it!


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