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While talking with a friend who crochets, we decided I should come up with a pattern that we decided she would work up as an experiment. So since she was making it, I let her choose what the finished item would be and the theme of it. I’m not giving out any more than that now (hint: read next week’s post) other than to say we loved it and it inspired the project I’m posting now.

The Bandit stroller blanket is draped over the branch of a tree in the park. It is a corner to corner blanket in grey and white with a raccoon face on it.
Photo by Meggie Oxley

This is the Bandit stroller blanket. (Not intended for night or other unsupervised sleep. **make with meggie does not support using blankets on an unsupervised sleeping child under the age of two**)

I still don’t quite know why a raccoon popped into my head but I’m so glad it did. I adore this little face so much! This little bandit has stolen my heart. And my daughter’s it seems. Whenever she sees the blanket she wants to claim it for her own.

A round toddler visible from about the knees down stands barefoot on the Bandit stroller blanket on the grass.  Part of her feet are just visible from under the off-white skirt with black stripes.
Photo by Meggie Oxley

Just look at those cute little toes enjoying the squishy blanket! I actually used a 5 bulky weight yarn for it because of the extra squish factor. Who doesn’t love a little extra squish?

I’ve been trying out a variety of Paintbox Yarns recently and this is their Simply Chunky. I loved working with it. It didn’t split on me and moved beautifully on the hook. It also comes in a huge range of colours which is always an advantage. I definitely rate it a “would use again”! Especially as it’s so affordable. If you’re buying the pattern through my LoveCrafts store, I believe they even make it easy to add the yarn in the listed amounts to your cart too. I also have the pattern on Etsy if that’s your jam.

Another advantage (besides the squish factor) of using 5 weight yarn is how fast the blanket works up. You really feel that sense of progress.

The Bandit stroller blanket lays spread on the grass. It is shades of grey and white with a raccoon face in the middle.
Photo by Meggie Oxley

If this little critter has stolen your heart too, you’ll love the announcement I’m making along with next week’s pattern. (Hint: there will be more raccoons!)

As I always do for c2c projects, I have both right and left-handed charts and written instructions. Find both in your download when you get it on LoveCrafts or Etsy. Both charts will be posted below. I just have to leave you with one more picture because I can’t get enough.

The Bandit stroller blanket is draped on a very large rock.
Photo by Meggie Oxley

And as always, show off your finished work! make sure I see it by tagging @makewithmeggie on Instagram and twitter and use #banditblanket to make sure I see. I might even share it! And don’t be shy to come back and share the love in the comments on any or all of my platforms, you can share, like, subscribe, follow, etc while you’re there!

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Yarn: 5 (Bulky) weight
Colours listed are for Paintbox Simply Chunky 5 balls Stormy Grey (approx. 745 yards)
1 ball Slate Grey (approx. 149 yards)
1 ball Champagne White (approx. 149 yards)

Any 5 weight yarn that you can match to gauge can be substituted.

Hook: 6.5 mm (K) I like Clover Amour. Get it here, or get the set with a case here.

Notions: scissors
darning needle to weave ends

stitch marker to mark right side (RS)


Working a 6 tile x 6 tile squad, the middle 4 tiles in each direction measure 3.5”


Finished size is about 30” x 35”

Not intended for night or other unsupervised sleep. **make with meggie does not support using blankets on an unsupervised sleeping child under the age of two**

Right-handed Chart

Left-handed Chart


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